Valentine’s day looks to be a little different this year.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and this year it promises to be a little different with lockdown measures in place.

The chances to eat out, take city breaks or enjoy a show are all but a pre 2021 memory. According to statistics British people spent £1.45bn in 2019 showering their partner or date with gifts.

Where was it spent though?

  • £391m on eating out
  • £267m on trips away
  • £261m on flowers
  • £193m on clothing and lingerie
  • £171m on jewellery
  • £85m on sweet treats
  • £62m on cards
Many may take a different approach to Valentine’s day this year

Now with the first 2 on this list likely to be none existent this year it gives other sectors the chance to make an impact. Take away restaurants will no doubt thrive and the opportunity to dress to impress at home will surely be considered as couples look to invigorate the valentine theme from their living room.

So many choices but not a lot of time to spare!

Covid-19 has seen the rise of online shopping grow at an even quicker rate than expected, it is though that the decline of the high street has been bought forward by several years due to the pandemic. This though sees its own challenges.

Pop up shops supplying personalised goods as well as the giants like Amazon are inundated with orders. The concern is that the extra demand on royal mail may mean gifts don’t reach the recipient in time.

So how can you make sure you get the gift you want to the person you love?

Click and collect is the easiest way to shop!

Thankfully many stores, particularly independent ones, are still providing a click and collect service. Place your order online and safely collect, socially distant from the store itself.

At Apache we have been doing this since lockdown 1 and it has proven to be a great way to stay in touch with customers and continue with our personalised service.

What to choose though? You may be working to a budget, or perhaps you aren’t quite sure what colour works best.

At Apache you are covered either way. With gift vouchers available and a whole host of great value products. You can ensure your partner ends up with something they love as much as you this valentine’s!

Whatever type of item you are looking for. You’ll find it at Apache!

Need some help?

You have now found that gift and want to get it ready for the big day. You can reach out to us on any of our social media platforms by clicking the buttons below, or simply give the store a call on (01403) 218185 where we will happily reserve an item for you!

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