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Mod scene

We are Mods! 

The Mod culture has seen something of a renaisance over the past few years. Fashion labels such as Fred Perry have cultivated their ranges to show more of a mod influence. Bands are leaning towards what some say is a mod sound and the whole…

Britpop memories
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We love music at Apache Menswear and since Russ has got involved, there have been a few more Britpop influences seeping into our playlist and blog content! This week we meet up with James from the incredible ‘Britpop Memories’ page on Twitter. Partial to a…

magic mod interview apache
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The Magic Mod-Interview 

The Magic Mod is a local magician, that like us, loves great fashion and great music. He’s been wowing musicians, TV personalities and the general public for years with his incredible magic tricks. Known for his love of the Mod culture and the music that…