The Magic Mod is a local magician, that like us, loves great fashion and great music. He’s been wowing musicians, TV personalities and the general public for years with his incredible magic tricks.

Known for his love of the Mod culture and the music that embraces it, we felt it would be a good idea to have a chat with him. Covering bands, clothing, tricks and more. Let’s see what he had to say.

Where it all started

The magic mod is a name that describes exactly what you do. A magician into the mod culture-How did you find yourself interested in both?

I’ve always loved the mod scene from a young age, it’s the coolest style out there! Add magic to the mix and I think it’s the perfect combo. When I was 6 Mum and Dad got me a Paul Daniels set-the rest is history! I would always listen to The Jam too so it worked out pretty well!

How long did it take to get you to the level you are now?

“Oh God-A long time! I’m still not where I want to be, I have a long way to go but I work hard and won’t give up. In my 30’s now but I’m not gonna slow down!

“I’m not gonna slow down!”

The Mod Scene

You have quite a bit of a following on the music scene and have done tricks for some well known names. Who were you most starstruck by?

“I never get starstruck really as at the end of the day we are all human. When I met Phil Daniels though that was really special. The same when I met Paul Weller. Both were heros when I was growing up.”

The Magic Mod entertaining his hero

So you have three albums you can keep forever but will never be able to listen to anything else ever again. What are you choosing?

“Setting Sons by The Jam, All Mod Cons by The Jam and No Love Lost by The Rifles.”

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Quite a few bands, DMA’s from Australia are qulity, The Jam of course, The Libertines, The Kinks. There are a few new bands kicking about that I’m loving but there are so many I could list I wouldnt want to miss anyone out!”

So who in particular should we look out for?

“My good mate Deano-He’s the keys player in The Rifles-has a band called Regency. They are class and I love what they are putting out. Deano is a very talented guy, love him!”

Any gigs you wish you have been to?

“The first ever The Jam show and their last one ever in Brighton. Just to have seen them live would have been incredible.”

Mod Fashion

You rock some pretty good labels when doing your vids, which brands do you wear the most?

“Oh God, far too many to mention! Pretty Green, Fred Perry, Trojan. They all fit perfectly with my name magic mod! I’d recomend people check out AceFace too!

” I got a great Trojan shirt from you guys actually!”

A lockdown magic mod repping the Trojan polo

If you would like to see more of The Magic mod head over to his website or follow on twitter.

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