Musician Andy Crofts is the singer/songwriter with his bands The Moons and the bass player for Paul Weller. We caught up with Andy to chat about music, influence, fashion and more.

Hey Andy, thanks for talking to Apache, for those that may have not heard your music yet or know who else you perform with, can you give us an outline of your music projects?

Hello there! Well although I am always pretty busy I tend to keep a small circle of music that I work in. First of all I make all my own music whether that be with my band, The Moons or solo. As many may already know I am also part of the Paul Weller band and have been doing that for almost 13 years now.

I first saw you in Wellers band at Osbourne house on Isle of Wight in 2008, it was a great gig and I distinctly remember a pint (who knows what was in it!) landing on your keys. Do you ever wish you could lob it back!?

Ha Ha! Yeah, when I joined the band I was originally on keys before moving to bass. When you are on stage performings it’s pretty annoying if some idiots decide to throw stuff. I mean, why?? You paid for the ticket! If I remember rightly it wasn’t that bad. In my time on stage I have had all types of things thrown at me! Bra’s, spliffs…..But to answer your question, yes, if I knew who didi it, I would be tempted to find them! That gig at Osbourne house was amazing!


Following you on social media I see you have a varied set of musical influences. Who would you say are your main ones?

Well most people say I wear my influences on my sleeve and I’m proud of it too. Obvious bands such as The Beatles, Bowie, The Kinks, The Buzzcocks. Mowtown, The Clash, Hendrix, The La’s, Sam Cooke, The Jam, The Beach Boys and old 50’s rock ‘n’ roll.

So I am going to give you just three albums you can keep forever but it means you cant’t listen to anything else. What are you choosing?

That is a hard question! Let me pick quick or I’ll be here all day and as usual I could change it a million times. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, Aladdin Sane by David Bowie and Revolver by The Beatles.

So what would be your dream gig?

That’s another tough one. Right now I’d say james Brown. I would have loved to see him in 1968 when he did his legendary Boston shows. The infectious groove would have blown my mind!


I feel The Moons have a very 60’s sound, is that something you aim to keep?

To be honest it’s not something I try to do. It’s just the way I write music and my style. Obviously my influences so dep in my veins just shine through! I certainly never plan to write 60’s style music. It just comes out! Yes it’s all been done before but I don’t care. I’d never lie to myself and try to make music that isn’t natural or to try and sell myself. If it aint real, I don’t do it.

The New album has recieved some amazing reviews, where can we get one?

We were so happy with all the feedback. It blew our mind as we had been quiet for so long and thought people wouldn’t care. Also, music doesn’t sell much anymore so we thought nobody would buy it but they loved it!

It’s my favourite of our albums from music through to packaging. It’s perfect! The purple vinyl sold out but more are comming. In the meantime the CD and download are available via our website.

The Moons latest album has been a success


When you got asked by Paul Weller to be in his band, was it a surreal moment?

Naturally yes. I’d been in contact with him a while as I’d met him previously but when I was officially asked to join I was pretty shocked to be honest. Never in my life had I ever had any luck like that and I had to pinch myself! This didn’t come without years of playing and writing music even though it was never at the level of success. I knew one day something would happen and fate took me by the hand and gave me this. I was already a massive fan of Paul so it doesn’t feel like a job. It just feels like a proper band and I love it!

How inspiring is Weller? Many of us look up to him as the man that got us into the scene. Is it the same for you guys in the band?

We all have an unspoken respect for him. Nobody needs to go on about what he’s done, who he is. We all know and admire him for it. Paul always inspires me in all kinds of ways. Like the rest of us, he has many sides but the most inspiring thing for me is how hard he works and his love of music. He certainly doesn’t make it just for the hell of it. He believes in everything he does and every record is just as important as the last. Paul is very prolific too. Never afraid to let songs steer him in a random direction.

I’ve known him a long time now and love him like the older brother I never had.

You released a book about Paul recently too. Was this a project you wanted to do or did Weller approach you?

I always dreamed of making a book of my photography. I have taken photos all my life and it’s always gone hand in hand with the music. It was never planned to do a Paul Weller book but it just happened through years of taking photos and being on the road.

Andy Crofts with Paul Weller. Music, interview Apache menswear
Andy with his ‘older brother’ Paul Weller


How has Covid disrupted the music scene for you?

Completely! I’ve now missed out on nearly two years of touring the World. Really had enough of it now and can’t wait to get back to it. We all miss playing live so much and I miss hanging out with the gang. The Moons and Weller band are my best mates so I live for that stuff. I have been doing the odd accoustic set online which people seem to like. Just can’t wait for this to all be over. I hope it has helped the word appreciate what we have and not to take things for granted.

You have been able to DJ still though haven’t you?

Yes, I have a weekly showon Boogaloo Radio which is a station in the back garden of the Boogaloo Pub in Highgate. Nearly 100 shows done now! and there is a loyal little fanbase. You can hear all types of stuff from soul, punk, jazz, indie, blues, funk, new wave. It’s a very random show and I never plan anything and just let it flow. I’m not a natural presenter but I just be myself. Tune in every Thursday from 8pm on

music andy crofts interview apache menswear
The radio show Andy presents has been a hit

And finally….What brands do you like?

To be honest I have never been led by my fashion labels but I like to keep it simple. My fashion is influenced by my music I suppose. I love clothes and definitely have way too many! Fred Perry has always been a favourite though!

Thanks for your time Andy-Hopefully see you in the shop soon!

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